Thought of the Day: The Earpiece Speaker

Gotta get something off my chest.  Yes, very serious.  Not really.  Well, depends.

Let’s take a trip back to 2013.  Yes, it doesn’t seem that far ago, but in the tech world, a lot happens in 2 years.  The first HTC One (M7) was announced and they did something no one did in a smartphone before, dual front-facing speakers.

I would say it was a pretty successful gamble (at the risk of design compromise and extra bezel).  We’re up to the One M9 this year and BoomSound is still going strong.  This is unlike other things HTC has tried in the past that didn’t go very far, like 3D or the depth of field camera.

But this isn’t an article to talk up BoomSound, but rather, a concept that BoomSound introduced, a speaker in the earpiece.


HTC One (M7) top speaker [via AnandTech]

So I get that there’s some manufacturers that don’t care about front-firing speakers, or rather, they don’t think there’s enough market that cares about external audio enough to change the design.  Like with the two big hitters of today, the Samsung S6 (bottom speaker) and LG G4 (rear speaker).

But we have already had a speaker, since the beginning of cell phones, by which we hear phone calls.  So simply, why not make it louder and able to output any of the phone’s audio?

This would essentially kill two birds with one stone:  You don’t have to make a redundant speaker on the rear, bottom, etc. and the speaker would be facing in the right direction.

I just don’t get why this isn’t a thing.

Do you agree?


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